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Moerman Carbonator Telescopic Carson TRAD Pole

Quick Overview

  • 12 ft
  • carbon fiber
  • does not include pole tip

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Item #: 60-82M
This is an obsolete Item
Item# Name MPN Stock/Price Replaced By
60-812 Pole Carbonator 12ft Moerman 25837 Obsolete 155-41421
60-8161 Pole Carbonator 16ft Moerman 25838 Obsolete 155-41421
60-825 Pole Carbonator 25ft Moerman 25749 Obsolete 155-41421


Carbonator, a high modules carbon pole with perfect torsion and bending resistance.

Note: Pole does not include Pole Tip, Pick one from Addons Below

Thought precision window cleaning up to 7 meter height was impossible? Think again! The sky is the limit with the new Moerman Carbonator in traditional extension poles.

Moerman looked at your life from every angle and is convinced that the best extension pole is both short and long. Our new Carbonator extension pole is designed to take on a huge range of window cleaning tasks. Light and easy to handle, making it perfect to reach the tightest spaces, created to work in the toughest areas with highest accuracy.

  • Flattened cylinder design for increased stability and anti-rotating effect
  • Easy extending and collapsing due to unique locking mechanism
  • Always the right height with the easy adjustable thumb buttons
  • Keeps your fingers safe from pinching due to special pole lock handles
  • Soft touch anti-slip cushion on the handle + shock absorbed
  • Ergonomic pear-shaped stabilizer handle to minimize risk of slipping and accurate control of your tools at higher levels
  • Red mark indicates the maximum pull-out of the pole.

With the choice of 3 sizes you can certainly find the right one to tackle your window cleaning challenge. Each model has 5 sections for perfect height adjustment control and precise cleaning.

  • 7,5m / ±25ft - collapsed 1,8m / ±6ft

long reach to tackle windows from the ground without scaffolding or working platforms.

  • 5m / ±16ft – collapsed 1,4m / ±5ft

perfect for all sorts of professional handheld work up to first floors.

  • 3,5m / ±12ft – collapsed 1,1m / ±3,5ft

lightweight, short, robust and easy to use for inside and outside.

Combine the Carbonator with Dr. AngleExcelerator 2.0F*LIQ and Liquidator 2.0 to create the ultimate power tool for window cleaning perfection!

Any horizontal, vertical, overhead or hard to reach place that comes up – you’ll be able to get the job done in an efficient and safe way.

Electrocution hazard: This pole conducts electricity. Do not permit the pole to contact power lines.
Temperature warning: Not recommended to use this pole below -20°C/-4°F and above 50°C/122°F.