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  • Moerman Combinator Complete



Moerman Combinator Complete

Quick Overview

  • Can be used in three different cleaning modes
  • Can be used for 1-pass, traditional wash-flip, or for squeegee only
  • Quick transition between modes
  • Able to use squeegee handle by itself using the rubber insert

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Item #: 12-8M

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You can use the Combinator in three configurations: the One-Pass configuration, the traditional Wash-Flip-Squeegee configuration, or as a squeegee only. 

To convert simply turn the lock button a couple of clicks, push the T-Bar through the hole, and choose which side that you want the T-Bar/Sleeve to be on. 

You can also use the squeegee handle by itself using the supplied rubber insert. 

Combinator can be used as a handheld tool or on your extension handle. The combinator uses the liquidator channel.