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Moerman Sleeve White Plush Woven

Quick Overview

  • Made of small microfibers that can penetrate into tiny pores to collect more dirt
  • Can hold more liquid without dripping
  • Attracts and holds dust and dirt
  • Very durable sleeve

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Item #: 11-84M

$3.90 - $8.95

Size Selection

3 options available.
This is an obsolete Item
The standard sleeve is a white cover consisting of acrylic and polyester, a good sleeve to have.
It is a lightweight, single piece design that has wells in the bar for extra water retention.
Combined with the Woven Sleeve, it gives a reliable clean every time.
The plush synthetic fibers drink up water for fewer trips to the bucket.
The double sewn seams ensure extended use.
The Moerman Woven Plush White Sleeve has a thick synthetic pile.
It has double sewn end seams.
This sleeve also features a hook and loop closure.
It is available in three different sizes 10", 14", and 18".