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Muck Scupper Sludge and Water Evacuation Tool

Quick Overview

  • Turns your pressure washer into a powerful drain pump, this scupper uses pressure washer power to evacuate sludge, slurry and water
  • The energy from your pressure washer creates a venturi based suction to pull most liquids up from the surface
  • Easy to use simpley connect to your 1/4 in quick connect on the wand and pull the trigger.
  • Capable of up to 80 gallons per minute with a moderate rise in elevation
  • The 15 feet of 1/ 1/2in discharge hose is ideal for cleaning sumps, fountains, jacuzzis and pool, can be used as a cleanup aids

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Item #: 74-2740  UPC : 669893939998  MPN : ANS04



 Available Mid June
This is an obsolete Item

Muck Scupper Sludge, Slurry, Water Evacuation Tool

This water extraction accessory make quick work of your water movement needs, draining pools, ponds, flood waters becomes a simple task. 

Need to drain the water from a flooded or clogged storm drain simple place the scupper attached to your pressure washer gun and pull the trigger. 

The energy from your pressure washer create a vacuum that removes the water out of the are at up to 80 gallons per minute

Connect to your existing ¼" pressure washer wand quick connect coupler, no other tools required.


  • Scupper Body
  • 1/4 in Male Quick Connection
  • 15 feet of 1-1/2in discharge hose