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Natural Rubber Gloves

Quick Overview

  • Material: Rubber, 1 Pair, Color: Blue
  • Durable and comfortable, antibacterial material, ensures that your hands are gently protected from soap, detergent and oil or unclean water and food particles.
  • Washing gloves made up of natural Rubber combining strength with flexibility, Anatomically shaped for comfort. Fully reusable, with an unequalled abrasion resistance
  • Rubber hand glove is an ideal house cleaning product Suitable for Dishwashing, Cleaning Kitchen, Cleaning Bathroom, Cleaning Toilet, Washing Clothes, Gardening

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Natural Rubber Gloves

Natural rubber glove used for heavy duty jobs and handling of alcohol, acids, and caustics.

Cotton Knit Lining adds durability, insulation and comfort.

Non-slip etched grip.

Rubber gloves are made of high-quality rubber and are mainly used to protect your hands when you are performing important tasks using chemicals. 

These gloves can also be used at the time of washing your dishes with detergent as these gloves protect your hands from detergents and let you use hot water. 

Reusable natural rubber hand gloves are 100% waterproof protects Hands against detergents, acids and other household chemicals. 

Made of natural rubber material, reusable, washable, more durable than ordinary rubber gloves. 

Non-slip flock lining grip helps to hold items. 

Good tear and chemical resistance. 

Very useful product for washing, cleaning, painting, gardening and other household or industrial works. 

Using Applications: Food processing, Tank cleaning, handling with acids, alkali, dish washing, industrial ; electronics jobs, gardening.

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