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  • nLite PowerPad Complete
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nLite PowerPad Complete

Quick Overview

  • The PowerPad’s intuitive design makes cleaning with pure water faster, more effective, and easier.
  • Larger surface area offers faster cleaning while the Microfiber pad is fast cleaning and self cleaning due to the integrated Rinse Bar
  • Lightweight and intuitive handheld tool, Pole compatibility with nLITE® or OptiLoc® poles
  • Nonslip, comfortable handle grip offers continuous surface contact with the innovative swivel

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nLite PowerPad Complete Tool

Unger has created an innovative Pure Water Cleaning tool with the nLITE® PowerPad.
The Power Pad is  the ultimate alternative to a brush for cleaning large glass surfaces. 
The PowerPad’s intuitive and revolutionary design makes cleaning with pure water noticeably faster, more effective, and easier to accomplish. 
An affordable tool for all pure water professionals and for those new to Unger’s pure water technology.

  • The intuitive movement will be familiar to classic tool users, resulting in instant professional cleaning results and reduced training time
  • Innovative swivel function allows for 360° movement, creating permanent contact on the glass
  • Lockable in 7 working positions for every application
  • Larger contact on your glass surface results in faster cleaning of the area
  • Microfiber Pad for streak-free cleaning, with elastic hook and loop attachment
  • With the integrated rinse bar, a constant pure water flow self-cleans the microfiber pad to reduce dirt build-up and the need for frequent pad replacement
  • Fully compatible with all Unger nLITE® and OptiLoc® Telescopic Pole Systems
  • Nonslip, comfortable hand grip