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  • Nozzle Shooter Tip



Nozzle Shooter Tip

Quick Overview

  • Shooter tips are designed for 4 to 5 gpm Pressure Washers
  • Develops a straighter, longer water stream
  • Extend your spray another 7 to 10 feet past a regular Zero Tip
  • Can be installed in a single Holder or Added to your 4 position holder

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Item #: 74-54M



Orifice Size Selection

5 options available.
This is an obsolete Item

Shooter Tips

The Tip Sizes is coordinated with your pressure washer.

No. 20  2.0-3.5 GPM
No. 30  4.0-4.5 GPM
No. 40  5.0-7.0 GPM
No. 50  8.0-9.0 GPM
No. 60  10.0-12.0 GPM

A 4 to 6 GPM pressure washer can reach up to 40ft depending on wind and approach angle.

A 7-12GPM pressure washer can reach as high as 60 feet! 

hooter tips are a lifesaver when you need to reach difficult areas while washing a home. 

Shooter Tips reduce atomization which helps to create a long and tight trajectory stream of water. These will pull soap and rinse if you are using a down stream injector.

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