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Oil Water Separator 15gpm 14gl Oil/Day

Quick Overview

  • Oil Seperator with Filtration
  • Removes up to 1 gal of oil per hour
  • OilPhyllic separation system efficiently draws oil out of the water flow
  • Easy discharge or reuse of filtered water

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Item #: 74-2226  UPC : 00669893040328  MPN : OWS 14-400



 Available to Order, Estimated Delivery: Late May
This is an obsolete Item

Oil/water Separators & Filtration For Re-Use

These high quality separators are used for filtering wash water for Reuse of the wash water the cleaner can drastically
reduce the amount of wash water you generate on a job.

As wash water is pumped in, the filtration module separates oils and solids,
allowing you to recycle and reuse your wash water on site and/or discharge to a sanitary sewer.

“Wicking Action” removes up to 1 gal. of oil per hour, and the filters catch solids to 5 microns.
Oil Seprators are compact, portable, lightweight and efficient.

The OilPhyllic separation system draws oil out of the water flow more efficiently
The floating socks at the top, skim the freed oils for easy removal.

The connection between inlet and outlet of filters includes 1½” CamLock couplings.
3 way filter outlet allows for easy discharge of filtered water, or redirect the flow back to
your water supply tank for re-use. Allowing for fewer trips to the water source ..
Results in increase in WorkSpeed.
Stainless lid-latch fasteners allow for easy access to the inside of the unit.
Heavy duty reservoir tank is very durable and chemical resistant.
Auto-Pump-Out pumps the wash water on to the next step

The high capacity cartridge filters capture the particulate down to 20 or 5 microns, (You choose) The seperater featrues washable and reusable hard- fiber pleated elements.
This combination achieves the lowest long term cost of any system made.

In stationary systems, an optional Oil Skimmer can be used for automatic removal of the floating oils.
Oil Converter socks are also available for converter oil to an enviro-safe Non toxic state

OWS Oil Water Separator Filtration
OWS Oil Water Separator Filtration Use