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Operator Hose 1/4in Water Fed Delivery 250ft Yellow Rubber

Quick Overview

  • This is yellow rubber hose for water fed pole hose from the vehicle to the windows
  • 1/4 inch id hose offers great flow for 200ft for a single operator
  • Long Lasting Quality hose manufactured for Tucker

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Item #: 150-0205  MPN : T-1/4-250-YL



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This is an obsolete Item

1/4in ID HiFlo Water Fed yellow delivery hose 

This hose is a great delivery hose to support a single water fed pole working up to 250 feet way.

No pressure loss when working across a level field, you lose 5 PSI for every 10 feet of rise on the way to the operator.

Enjoy good flow for a single operator while at the same time enjoying the light weight of this hose.

When used with a Flow controller the the typical setting for flow will be at 75 on the flow readout or less

This hose has 1/4in male pipe fittings on the end.

Use a 1/2in to 1/4in Bushing for most Reels on one end

There are 1/4 inch Female to Garden hose adaptors available as well

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