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Overspray System Single Jet Gardiner

Quick Overview

  • Transform your Gardiner pole with the Gardiner Overspray™ Kit! Easily convert any pole to a spray system for precise cleaning and rinsing
  • Upgrade your window cleaning tools with the Gardiner Overspray™ Kit, enabling quick conversion to an internal spray system or rinsing brush
  • Streamline your cleaning with the Gardiner Overspray™ Kit! Quick setup, perfect for applying water or surfactants directly to surfaces
  • Maximize efficiency with Gardiner Overspray™! Converts brushes to overhead rinsers, ensuring thorough cleansing with less effort

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Overspray System Single Jet Gardiner

Gardiner Overspray™ Kit, an innovative accessory designed to enhance the functionality of your Gardiner poles equipped with QuicK-LoQ Goosenecks. This versatile kit is your solution for a quick and easy transformation of any pole into an internal spray system or converting any brush into an overhead rinsing tool, expanding the capabilities of your existing equipment with minimal effort.

Installed on Gooseneck

Brush and pole not included

Product Features:

  • Versatile Application: The Gardiner Overspray™ allows for the seamless conversion of any Gardiner pole into an internal spray system, ideal for dispensing pure water or surfactants directly where you need them most. This feature is perfect for tackling stubborn stains and ensuring a thorough clean.

  • Overhead Rinsing Capability: Easily convert any brush into an overhead rinsing brush. This functionality is particularly useful for rinsing off soap or chemicals after cleaning, providing a streak-free finish without the need to change tools.

  • Easy Installation: The kit includes an Overspray Mount, Single Overspray Jet Holder, one 100° Fanjet Capsule, a 150mm Gooseneck Hose, and a 6-8mm Push-Fit Adapter. These components assemble quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to adapt your cleaning approach on the fly.

  • Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: Ideal for use with a partially filled backpack or other sprayer systems, the Gardiner Overspray™ ensures that your cleaning solution is applied evenly and effectively, reducing waste and saving time.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your window cleaning game or need a more efficient way to apply cleaning agents, the Gardiner Overspray™ Kit offers a practical and efficient solution. Equip your Gardiner pole with this kit and experience a new level of convenience and effectiveness in your cleaning tasks.