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Oxi Wash for Gutters 5 Gallons

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For the use of removing different oxidation stains either caused by UV damage from the sun or caused by metal corrosion....

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SUN UV OXIDATION: Common surfaces like aluminum or vinyl siding can be damaged by theUV rays of the sun on the Southern and western exposures on the building. This oxidationcan be easily removed by diluting the appropriate amount of Oxi Wash into water and thenapplying and brushing with a truck-wash style bi-directional brush although good results areoften achieved with one application. A second application may be required and additionalbrushing may be required. Remember you are trying to remove oxidized paint from the surfacethereby exposing fresher paint beneath the surface, much like compounding the paintjob on a car. In this case you are achieving the results chemically.

METAL CORROSION: Some metals like aluminum naturally leech oxides that cause a blackor grey streaking on the aluminum surface or on adjacent surfaces. This is commonly seenon white aluminum gutters and is often described as tiger striping. Another example ofwhere this is often seen is from oxidation leeching from the corners of window casings orout of the weep holes in the bottom of vinyl casement windows. This will often display as agrey streaking that may be confused as mildew streaking or mayeven remain after themildew streaking has been cleaned away - exposing the oxidation.

Mix Ratios:
  • General Oxidation mix add 32 oz. Oxi Wash to 1 Gallon of Water.
  • Bad Oxidation could take as strong as a 50% solution add 1 gallon of Oxi