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Pro-Rinse DI System Tucker

Quick Overview

  • The Tucker Mobile DI System a versatile DI System for weekly or occasional use
  • Weighing in at only 20 pounds, it can easily be removed from the vehicle and carried to the job site.
  • These systems are a single stage filtration system meaning they are best used in areas with low TDS water or if you plan to only use spot free water on the occasional basis.
  • Simple set up and use. Simply connect your tap water hose to the inlet and your pure water hose to the outlet

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Pro-Rinse DI System Tucker

The Pro-Rinse is a 36in DI water purification system.

Designed for:

  • Low TDS areas less than 90ppm
  • Bucket water
  • Entry-level to WFP
  • Auto-Detailing

The system is 36in long (3 feet) and weighs 15lbs.

This system includes the housing, the DI filter and 2 feet to use as a stand, keeping your filter off the ground. With this system, you would simply connect your source water from the inlet then connect your water-fed pole to the outlet and quickly clean with pure water.

Filter change is easy. Simply un-bolt the retaining rig=ng, remove cap, pull DI filter, insert new DI filter, put cap back onand tighten the bolts.

Portable & Compact.  Easy to use - tap water in / spot free water out. No pumps neccesary Easy change filters

Made in USA


  • @25 PPM incoming TDS = 1,880 gallons
  • @50 PPM incoming TDS = 940 gallons
  • @100 PPM incoming TDS = 470 gallons

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