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Pro-Rinse DI System Tucker

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TheTucker DI System system features a 36"
RHG Serviceable Housing, anodized aluminum feet, and brass inlet and outlet fittings...

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Item #: 150-0365  MPN : T-DI



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The Pro-Rinse is a 36in DI water purification system.

Designed for:

  • Low TDS areas less than 90ppm
  • Bucket water
  • Entry-level to WFP
  • Auto-Detailing

The system is 36in long (3 feet) and weighs 15lbs.

This system includes the housing, the DI filter and 2 anodized aluminum feet to use as a stand, keeping your filter off the ground. With this system, you would simply connect your source water from the inlet then connect your water-fed pole to the outlet and quickly clean with pure water.

Filter change is easy. Simply pull the "U" pin out, remove cap, pull DI filter, insert new DI filter, put cap back on then insert the "U" Pin back in.

Portable & Compact.