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Professional Wool Pad

Quick Overview

  • Material : Wool.
  • Size : 5/7 Inch
  • Natural, Washable & Durable
  • Soft & Elastic Wool

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Item #: 26-91M

$9.80 - $15.20

This is an obsolete Item

Size Selection

2 options available.
This is made of a fine lambs wool which is washable & durable.
Wool fibers distributes evenly & consistently, polish surfaces to their glossiest without causing damage.
Ideal for compounding and polishing in hard to access areas.
This Lambswool is knitted into a synthetic backing material.
The pad is then prewashed which "blossoms" the individual fibers.
The result is a nearly lint-free pad which will not matt down as quickly as other wool pads.
Best of all, the pad quickly produces a high gloss finish...during the polishing stage.

Wool Polishing Pad

This wool buffing pads are generally more aggressive and easier to control than foam pads.
Wool fibers distribute material evenly and consistently.
Require less pressure from the operator.
And can polish surfaces to their glossiest without causing damage.

Wide Application

Wool polishing pads are washable and durable, ideal for buffing automotive, marine, and aerospace coatings.
Buffing pads conform well on irregular surfaces and will remove finishing abrasive sand scratches, oxidation, and paint surface defects.
They can be used on a variety of painted surfaces, like car, glass, stone, ceramic, furniture, wood products, stainless steel, precision instruments, acrylic, etc.

Features :

You can polish by yourself and this polishing pad is very easy to clean.
If you want a better polishing result, you can use polishing paste.
Polished for oxidized paint,orange peel,deep scratches,color sanding scratches,hard topcoats and clearcoats.
You can easily change and install the pad.
The wool is eco-friendly and not easily to fall off when polishing.
The diameter of the cedntral is about 2 cm, which make the pad suits for almost all kinds of car polishing machine perfectly.