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ProTool Brush Pure Bristle 614 F 14in

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  • 100% Boar Hair Bristles
  • Handheld
  • Holds Lots of Water

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Item #: 25-1141  UPC : 00669893029859  MPN : 614-35



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Brush Pure Bristle 614 F 14in

A high quality hog bristle hand set into lightweight mahogany wood block.

The split end bristles hold extra water and have a wide flare for washing large surfaces.
Available in a range of sizes.
Hand-held. 14 inch

This brush is made of 100% pure  bristles. Nothing cleans a really dirty window like this brush. The flagged -end 3 1/2" boar hair bristles hold a lot of extra water. This brush has a solid Philippine mahogany wood block that is handheld.


  • Handheld
  • Holds Lots of Water
  • 100% Boar Hair Bristles

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