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ProTool Bucket Guard for Round Buckets

Quick Overview

  • Fits round 3.5 gal and 5 gal buckets
  • Sits at bottom of bucket
  • Removes dirt and particles from sponge or mitt
  • Keeps water and sponge clean
  • Prevents micro scratches and swirls

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Bucket Guard for Round Buckets

  • Fits in the bottom of round buckets: 3.5 gal, 5 gal
  • Separates dirt from sponge and clean water
  • Clean sponge prevents sponges on car or surface
  • Prevents micro-scratches and swirls
    • Separates grit, dirt, and sand from your wash water and mitt
    • Once dirt settles to the bottom of the bucket, the Grit Guard keeps it there by separating the wash water into four quadrants, so the water cannot be disturbed.
    • Fits most 3.5 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon buckets
    • Radially grated surface extracts contaminants from wash mitts and brushes
    • Saves your paint from swirl marks and scratches
    • The simplest and most cost effective method for protecting your precious painted surfaces from being scratched while washing your vehicle.
    • Grit Guard prevents the swirl marks in your paint, caused by improper washing.
    • The products radial designed surface extracts particles such as dirt, grit, and grime from your wash mitt, providing a clean, scratch-free wash mitt, every time you go back to the bucket for water.


    • Material: Plastic
    • Color: White
    • Height: 14"
    • Diameter at Base: 10 1/4"
    • Diameter at Top: 12"

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