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ProTool Dosing Syringe 10ML (0.33) Ounces

Quick Overview

  • Dosing Syringe 10mL in capacity , used to does Sticky Detergent into tha Hose End Sprayer 2L Bottle
  • SYRINGE ONLY - The syringe has a blunt tip, it does not have a needle
  • This Syringe is used to draw Sticky from the pint bottle and deliver the dose into the 2L chemical bottle
  • This syringe has clear, easy-to-read barrel to deliver a precise dose of Sticky, with a smooth, effortless plunger.

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Item #: 515-0022  UPC : 00669893032118  MPN : 10ML Dosing


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This is an obsolete Item

Dosing Syringe 10ML (0.33) Ounces

This disposable Dosaing Syringe is used to draw 10ml of Sticky 

Precision Dosing for the Foaming Hose Sprayer

use this 10 mL (0.33) Ounce Syringe to  Delive Sticky Detergent into the Spayer Bottle 

Sitcky and Sodium Hypochlorite ate 10% to 12.5% are used to clean Mold, and Mildew from buildinbg surfaces

ProTool Sticky Super Concentrate

SIs combined with 10% to 12.5% Bleach mix to clean and sanitize exterion building surfaces, bathrooms with Drains.

Dosing the Just the Right amount of Sticky 

Prescision Dosing of Sticky into the 2L Bottle

The Hose End Foaming Sprayer offers an easy way to spray a Precision Mixed Cleaning solution onto Exterior Building Surfaces