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  • ProTool Eco Light Cart SS 20in
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ProTool Eco Light Cart SS 20in

Quick Overview

  • Light Weight Stainless Steel Frame for durability and easy portability.
  • Feature-packed design includes a built-in TDS meter, pressure gauge, RO bypass, and output valve for enhanced functionality.
  • Best in class 20-inch Carbon/Sediment Filter and 20-inch DI Filter ensure superior filtration performance.
  • 40-inch RO membrane offers a flow rate of 1 gallon per minute at tap water pressure, ensuring effective filtration.
  • Easy to operate and portable unit with great filter life, providing convenience and reliability for various filtration needs.

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Item #: 150-0512  UPC : 00669893058439  MPN : RODI ULC20



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ProTool Eco Light Cart Overview

Introducing the ProTool Eco Light Cart SS, a versatile and feature-packed solution designed to provide high-quality water filtration in a compact and portable unit. Crafted with a lightweight stainless steel frame, this cart offers durability and mobility, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

The ProTool Eco Light Cart SS comes equipped with a range of advanced features to ensure efficient and effective water filtration. It features a built-in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter, pressure gauge, RO (Reverse Osmosis) bypass, and output valve, providing users with valuable information and control over the filtration process.

At the heart of this system are the best-in-class 20-inch carbon/sediment filter and 20-inch DI (Deionization) filter, delivering superior filtration performance. The 40-inch RO membrane offers a flow rate of 1 gallon per minute at tap water pressure, ensuring excellent filtration results.

This easy-to-operate and portable unit is designed for convenience and longevity. With a wide base for stability and 10-inch no-flat wheels for easy maneuverability, the ProTool Eco Light Cart SS can be easily transported and used in various environments.

Included with the cart are essential components such as a 40-inch RO filter, 20-inch carbon and 5-micron sediment filter, 20-inch refillable DI filter, and filter wrench, providing users with everything they need for efficient filtration.

With its stainless steel frame, wide base for stability, and advanced filtration features, the ProTool Eco Light Cart SS is the ideal solution for achieving high-quality water filtration in a portable and user-friendly package.

The ProTool Eco Light Cart is designed to be light weight and feature packed. This cart weighs just 66 lbs (dry) and comes with premium features to make cleaning easy. 

The ProTool Eco Light Cart frame is 100% stainless steel and right here in the United States. This cart comes with standard Carbon and DI filters for long service life and weight reduction. This is the best bang for your buck system. 

Cart Includes:

  • 40" RO filter
  • 20" Carbon & 5 Micron Sediment Filter
  • 20" Refillable DI filter
  • Filter Wrench
  • Stainless steel frame 
  • Wide base for good stability
  • 10" no-flat wheels
  • Built-in inline TDS Meter
  • Pressure Gauge
If your TDS is above 100, then this RODI Cart would be the right system for you.

The ProTool Eco Light cart offers great flow, bucket tested for Flow Offering flow of :

  • 0.8 GPM at 70PSI Tap Water Pressure
  • 1.0 GPM at 85psi Water Pressure
  • 1.25 GPM at 110 PSI when pumped.

This allows use without a pump for a single operator. 

Weight 59lbs Dry

Pressure Gauge



10" No Flat Wheels


The ProTool Eco Light RODI Cart comes equipped with best in-class filters. The DI and Carbon filter are larger than any other comparable cart.

The 4" x 20" filters are 9 TIMES larger than the standard 2" x 10". These filters last 9 times LONGER and require 9 times FEWER changes. 

This means less down time and more time cleaning. 


The RO membranes may fail in the field if the carbon filter is not maintained.

Regular maintenance of the Carbon Filter is very important for RO service life, which is why this kit offers a larger 20" Carbon Filter. Replace this every 6 months. 

The small Carbon Filter on most system needs to be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks.

The maintenance cost is kept low as the filters are relatively inexpensive, but poor maintenance can drive up the costs. RO's will fail after just a few months without a properly maintained carbon filter.