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ProTool Float Valve Water Shut off 1/2in

Item #: 150-1352  UPC : 00669893019614  MPN : 1/2in Side Port Valve



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Stable Float Ball Valve Shut off1/2" Auto Fill Water Feed 

Install in Tank to manage water level and turn on and off the water flow automatically

Water Thread size: 1/2" 

Upgrade Your Water Tank with this reliable float valve

Introducing the Stable Float Ball Valve Shut off, the innovative solution to effortlessly manage water levels in your tank. This valve, with a water thread size of 1/2", takes the hassle out of constantly monitoring and adjusting your tank's water level. By installing this valve, you can sit back and relax as it automatically controls the water flow, turning on and off as needed. It's like having a personal water level manager for your tank, making your life easier and more convenient.

Modernize Your Water System with Efficiency

Say goodbye to the outdated traditional float valves that often require manual adjustments. Our Float Ball Valve is a major improvement in water level management. Easily install it on the side of your tank, positioning the water level just below the mounting hole. Whether it's for your water tank, pool, pond, or other systems, this valve ensures automatic control, offering a full and reliable stop to water flow. With the float mechanism securely protected within the housing, you can trust in its rugged reliability and long-term performance.

Easy, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

Not only does our Float Ball Valve offer automatic control, but it also simplifies your life with its small size and straightforward installation process. What's more, this valve doesn't rely on electricity, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective. You won't need to worry about complex wiring or high energy bills. With a long lifespan, this valve is your dependable, worry-free solution for managing water levels. Upgrade your water system today and experience the convenience of automated water level control.

This valve is an improvement on the traditional float valve, 

This Valve installed into the side of tank side to manage water level to just below the mounting hole

This Valve can be used to manage the water level in various systems of water tanks, pools, ponds, etc.

Automatic control,  full automatic stop
Rugged and reliable, float mechanism is protected inside the housing 

The valve offers a small size with simple installation

No electricity required so the valve is easy to use and offers long life with a very low failure rate.


Name: 1/2 inch Male Thread Valve
Material: Plastic
Connection method: Thread
Outlet Diameter: 1/2 inch npt
Applicable medium: clean water
Rated to a temperature: =158° F
Package includes
1Pcs Male Thread water level valve

Precautions and maintenance:
When installed, the float must be vertical. if you need to install from the top of the tank, then install an Elbow to connect the float valve and the inlet line.
If the water quality is not good install a particulate filter before the valve.
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