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IWCA Best Practices Product

ProTool Harness with Front, Back and Side 2 Side D-Rings

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  • Full Body Harness with Dorsal, Sternal and Side D-Rings, Personal Protection Fall Arrest Safety Harness
  • Durable Polyester construction with Leg Straps of black long wearing weave
  • Webbing ends are specially designed to to allow an easy grasp for adjustment
  • Independently Tested and certified to meet or exceed ANSI Z.359.11-2021 standard
  • Stay securely harnessed with confidence at any height with our ANSI-certified full-body harness, equipped with dorsal, sternal, and side D-rings, for unparalleled fall protection.

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Item #: 96-10  UPC : 00669893056954  MPN : SND20 ANSI Red
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ProTool Full Body Harness with Dorsal and Sternal D-Rings

Versatile Fall Protection: This full-body harness is designed with multiple D-rings, including Dorsal, Sternal, and side D-rings. This versatility allows workers to use the harness for a wide range of fall protection applications, including suspension, positioning, and restraint. Whether working on rooftops, construction sites, or in industrial settings, this harness has you covered. 

Enhanced Safety and Comfort: The use of high-quality polyester webbing ensures both safety and comfort. The webbing is strong and resistant to wear and tear, providing reliable protection while also minimizing discomfort during extended periods of use. The ergonomic design and adjustable straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity. The legs straps offers special webbing for comfort and  durability

Easy Adjustability and Customization:  The harness is equipped with adjustable straps and buckles, making it easy to customize the fit for different body sizes and shapes. This adaptability ensures that each worker can comfortably wear the harness while maintaining the proper alignment of D-rings for effective fall protection. It's user-friendly and can be quickly adjusted on-site.

Compliance with Safety Standards: This full-body harness is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry safety standards, including ANSI/ASSP Z359.11-2021 and OSHA regulations. When workers wear this harness, employers can have confidence that they are providing compliant fall protection equipment, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and regulatory penalties.

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Did you know that over 5,000 workplace injuries related to falls are reported each year? 

But here's a safety device to help reduce the risk...the ProTool Harness!

Let's take a quick dive into history. The safety harness has evolved from mere ropes and belts to sophisticated gear. The ProTool Harness is a state-of-the-art successor, infusing modern technology with traditional safety. 

What makes the ProTool Harness stand out? 

Its ergonomic design minimizes discomfort and fatigue. It's no ordinary harness; it's a lifesaver crafted with the user's well-being in mind.

Falls are preventable, yet they're a leading cause of severe workplace injury. Donning the ProTool Harness means equipping yourself with a safety net – quite literally! It's not just a tool; it's peace of mind for you and your family.

Who's using ProTool Harness, you ask? From construction workers to window cleaners, the pros trust it for all high-stake scenarios. This isn't just a harness, it's a badge of honor for those who value safety above all.

Say goodbye to the bulky, cumbersome safety gear of old. With ProTool Harness, upgrade your safety, productivity, and comfort. It's where state-of-the-art protection meets everyday practicality.

Certified for IWCA Safe Practices 2024