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ProTool HiFlo Pure Water Ultra Cart SS 12V or 110V

Quick Overview

  • Equipped with a 12V pump capable of boosting pressure to 90 PSI and delivering a flow rate of 2 GPM, ensuring efficient cleaning performance
  • Convenient Features: Includes a built-in TDS meter and a three-way valve for easy monitoring of water quality and flexible flow control for DI saver mode (RO only)
  • Durable Construction: Boasts a solid wide base and a stainless steel frame for exceptional durability, stability, and suitable for demanding cleaning tasks
  • Advanced Filtration: including a 40in Hi-flow RO membrane, 20in Carbon & Sediment Filter, 20in Refillable DI filter, ensuring quality pure water
  • Versatile Power Options: Can be powered by either 12V or 110V sources, providing flexibility for various job requirements and locations

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 Available Built to Order, Ships in a Week
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The ProTool Pure Water Ultra Cart: 

THE Ultimate Solution for High-Quality Water Purification

The ProTool Pure Water Ultra Cart, stands out as an ultimate pure water cart for professional cleaners. Its 12V pump, capable of elevating pressure and flow to impressive levels and ensures efficient and thorough cleaning performance. This cart is feature packed to provide users with essential monitoring and control capabilities for water quality and flow direction. Its solid wide base guarantees durability, while the stainless steel frame adds an extra layer of resilience. Made in the United States, it reflects a commitment to quality craftsmanship and reliability.

Power Cables 

Includes 12v Cable Clamp and 110v Power Adaptor

The system will run as a Tap Water RO when the pump is not powered

Power the cart pump with the included 12v (Jumper Style) battery cables that includes a battery polarity warning or

The cart can also be powered with the included 110v Power Supply  

TDS METER - RO Choice Valve

Inline TDS meter will reports the TDS of the Chosen Water Output 

Choose RO Only or RO-DI Filtered Water Output

The Choice valve is great as a DI Saver...Use RO mode at the beginning of a job to divert the RO Creep Water away from the DI Resin. 

Also  allows cleaning with RO Water for Solar and other non-glass surfaces 

Key Features:

1. High-Performance Pump: The ProTool Pure Water Ultra Cart boasts a powerful 12V pump capable of boosting pressure up to 90 PSI and delivering a flow rate of 2 GPM, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning results for various applications. This allows work work at height up to 80ft+, or dual operators for low rise commercial cleaning. 

2. Versatile Power Options: With the ability to run on either 12V or 110V power sources, this cart offers unmatched versatility, allowing users to adapt to different job requirements and locations without compromising on performance or convenience. Use the included power cable or 11-V power supply to run off a batter or standard 110V plug. 

3. Integrated TDS Meter and Three-Way Valve: With a built-in TDS meter and a convenient three-way valve, users can easily monitor water quality and control flow direction, allowing for full control over your pure water production. Use the three-way valve for DI saver to run RO only. 

4. Advanced Filtration Technology: The cart comes equipped with a 40" Hi-flow Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane, a 20" Carbon & 5 Micron Sediment Filter, and a 20" Refillable Deionizing (DI) filter. This powerful combination guarantees the removal of impurities, providing you with pure, clean water every time. This cart comes with the largest filters in its class. 

5. High Efficiency and Performance: The 40" Hi-flow RO membrane is designed for optimal flow, delivering 1.4 gallon per minute at standard tap water pressure and 2 GPM+ when the pump is on. This ensures fast and effective water filtration, making it ideal for high-demand scenarios.

6. Durable Construction: Featuring a solid wide base and a robust stainless steel frame, this cart is built to withstand the rigors of demanding cleaning tasks, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability even in challenging environments. This cart will not tip over. 

7. Made in the USA: Manufactured in the United States, the ProTool Pure Water Ultra Cart reflects a commitment to quality craftsmanship providing users with peace of mind regarding its performance and reliability.

Water Output Valve

Turn on the Water out to the Pole with this valve

RO Flush and Production Valve

Start in Flush mode for 1 minute , then Turn to Production mode for cleaning, at the end of the Cleaning turn to Flush for 1 min

Additional Features:

  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Includes a filter wrench for easy maintenance.
  • Ideal for use in areas with TDS levels above 100.
  • Offers excellent value for its price, making it a smart investment.

In the Box:

  • 40" High-flow RO Filter
  • 20" Carbon & 5 Micron Sediment Filter
  • 20" Refillable DI Filter
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Filter Wrench
  • 10" No-Flat Wheels
  • Inline TDS Meter
  • Three-way valve for Di saver mode (RO Only)
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Cable with Alligator Jaw Clamps for Battery attachment
  • Power Adaptor for 110v Plugin operation of Cart
  • Caps to seal off the input, output and waste water connections while transporting

Whether you're a professional in need of a dependable water purification solution or someone seeking pure water for personal use, the ProTool Ultra Light Cart is the smart choice. Get yours today and experience the difference in water purification!

The ProTool Pure Water Ultra cart offers great flow, bucket tested for Flow Offering flow of :

1.4 GPM at 70PSI Tap Water Pressure, 63 degree water

2.1 GPM at 90psi Water Pressure, 63 degree water

Warmer water flows better

This allows use with the pump off for a single operator up to 5 stories, or 9 stories with the pump on. This cart can run two operators up to 4-5 stories each. 


In-line TDS Three Way Valve

12V Pump

Power  q/c gauge & breaker


The RO membranes may fail in the field if the carbon filter is not maintained.

Regular maintenance of the Carbon Filter is very important for RO service life, which is why this kit offers a larger 20" Carbon Filter. Replace this every 6 months.