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ProTool Holster Bucket on Belt Pro Gray

Quick Overview

  • Elastic channel squeegee with standard channels
  • This bucket has a loop for belt attachment and plastic clip to disconnect the bucket from the belt while working
  • Perfect for up to three squeegees and a T-Bar with Sleeve

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Item #: 48-03  UPC : 00669893031791  MPN : 60-8422-10-GRAY
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Holster Bucket on Belt Pro Gray

Referred to as a Bucket on a belt, or Bucket Holster, it is used for interior cleaning. 

Also known as a hip bucket this bucket attaches to your belt via a loop. 

Typically not used to hold soapy water but instead offers the window cleaner a place to hold the hand mop. 

Includes 3 slots to holster your squeegees while mopping the glass.

A bucket on a belt provides window cleaners with quick and safe access to handy tools. 

Tools such as squeegee channels, washer sleeves stay within reach.