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ProTool Soft Wash Metering System

Quick Overview

  • Dual pumps for 7.4 GPM at 60PSI and 90 PSI capable
  • Metering valves for full control over Water, SH and Surfactant
  • 3/4 in plumbing for MAX flow
  • Ready to install as a DIY Soft Wash setup in your truck, trailer or van

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Soft Wash Metering System

Kit Highlights:

Dual 90 PSI pumps = 7.4 GPM of flow at typical 60 PSI spraying pressure

Easy to mount wall plate that's ready to mount to truck, trailer or van

Three Metering valves for full control over water, SH and Surfactant. 

All parts to plumb the system from the hose barbs in through to the reel. 

Spray at 4 gpm at 90 PSI

Ships Ready to install:

This kit ships with posts for mounting the pump, electrical wiring done, and the bracket/metering system mounted. 

Just install pumps and connect the quick connects and you are ready to clean. 

Mounting screws required. Plate comes with 1/4" clearance holes. Pickup 6 1/4" screws with the length you need to mount to a support bar, side or divider wall. 

Plumbed for MAX flow:

With 3/4 in plumbing, this system is ready to output 7.4 GPM at 60PSI to the reel. 

3/8" barb for surfactant/masking agent

1/2" barb for SH line

3/4" barb for water

3/4" barb for output

Backed by Dual Pumps:

Two pumps offer a combined 7.4 GPM at 60PSI to the reel. 

Dual 12V pumps offer "limp mode" if one fails. That's 3.8 GPM at 60PSI IF you see a pump failure, compared to 100% when a single pump fails.

No down time = no headaches on the job and no upset customers when equipment fails. 

12v Diaphragm Style Pumps offer different flow rates at certain PSI pressure
You control the flow volume you want by changing the tip size
A small tip generates more pressure, sort of like putting your thumb over a garden hose end, you get a higher pressure spray.

If you want more flow, more chemistry sprayed from the gun, increase your tip size.

At higher pressures a diaphragm pump will produce less flow., the sweet spot for this system is 55 to 65 PSI for great flow.

This system includes the two pumps you will need for soft washing and rinsing.
You would need:
Storage Tanks and hoses for water and the input chemicals
Water + 3/4in Suction Hose from Water Tank to the Metering System
SH (sodium hypochlorite, bleach tank +1/2in Suction Hose from SH Tank to the Metering System
Surfactant (Could use 5 gallon Bucket) + 3/8in clear braid line from Surfactant tank to Metering System)

Output to the wand….

3/4in Clear Braid Line from the metering system to your Reel Swivel Barb
1/2in minimum  (or better 5./8in) Clear Braid Hose on the Reel 150 to 200ft of spraying hose
Trigger Gun on end of the hose to spray with a selection of spray tips.

As shown here as part of a system:

Flow Rate Chart

Here are flow rates for various tip orifices sizes.










3.1 GPM

4.1 GPM

5.2 GPM

6.4 GPM

7.8 GPM


30 FT

33 FT

40 FT

45 FT

46 FT

42 FT