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  • ProTool SoftWash WaterFed Pole Gun Angle Adaptor
  • ProTool SoftWash WaterFed Pole Gun Angle Adaptor Image 88



ProTool SoftWash WaterFed Pole Gun Angle Adaptor

Quick Overview

  • This waterfed pole gun pack converts any extension pole into a softwashing extension pole
  • Increases your range for softwashing buildings
  • Compatible with quick connect system
  • Made with chemical-resistant aluminum

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Item #: 150-0951  UPC : 00669893018853



 Available Early March
This is an obsolete Item

This Water Fed pole gun pack converts any pole with an angle adapter into a softwashing extension pole.

Attached underneath thumb screw of your angle adapter (not included)

Quick-connect this gun to your system's trigger gun from your hose reel and attach the spray gun head to the top of your window cleaning 

extension pole. 

This will increase your reach for softwashing the exterior of buildings or clean most any roof from the ground or a ladder.



1.       Made out of 60/61 chemical resistant aluminum.

2.       1/4 male quick connect at hose end.

3.       1/4 female quick connect at gun end.

4.       50 ft. of 3/8 clear braid poly hose.


*Use this adaptor with any thumb screw angle adapter at the top of your extension pole to extend the spray nozzle up the side of a structure while softwashing.