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ProTool Sprayer System 100gallon with 150ft hose

Item #: Z150-0421  UPC : 00669893056466  MPN : PRO-ECONO-100
This is an obsolete Item

Economy Sprayer Brochure

ECONOMY SPRAYER 100 GALLON The Economy Sprayer is constructed around a super strong polyethylene 02 gallon rectangle tank. The tank walls are reinforced to provide a sturdy Spraying platform and mount for the Reel. Mounted atop is one Titan aluminum and stainless 12” manual U-Frame hose reel. The reel is loaded with 150 feet or food grade clear-braid hose that is rated at 200 psi, ball valve gun and spray tips. System includes a 12 volt 5 gpm high pressure spraying pump, tinned marine grade wiring and marine toggle switch. This system allows the operator to perform Roof and House washing with SH and Sticky Surfactant or mix your favorite chemistry and start cleaning...
Item #:150-0420
Regular Price: $2,799.20