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  • ProTool Vikan Brush Handheld Soft Flowthru Water Fed


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ProTool Vikan Brush Handheld Soft Flowthru Water Fed

Quick Overview

  • Cleans with flow through water assist
  • Hand Held for easy maneuverability
  • Makes quick work of cleaning Windows, Screens, Tracks
  • Especially useful on French Windows, Cutups
  • Male Garden Hose Quick Connection snaps onto Flowthrough pole end

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Handheld Soft Bristle Water Fed Pole Brush

Clean first floor glass easily with your water fed system, acts as an extension of your hand for great maneuverability.

Especially useful on French Panes, Cutups.

This brush allows you to get in-between and or behind bars on windows with your Water Fed Pole.

Can be used to clean screens and tracks.

Flocked tip allows multiple uses.

May be connected to Tap water for general cleaning, pure water for windows and vehicles or used dry.

Male Garden Hose Quick Connector or end allows for easy connection to the water source. 

Use this to scrub your motorhome, car, truck or auto.

Note: When using the brush with your RO-DI Water Fed system, you can increase the water pressure from the jets by plugging 2 or more with a small screw.

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