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Pulex Sleeve MicroTiger Red

Quick Overview

  • Made of small microfibers that can penetrate into tiny pores to collect more dirt
  • Has all the benefits of Microfiber (white) plus abbrasive strips (red)
  • Able to to remove dirt while using little to no detergent
  • The red part microfiber offers abrasiveness while the white microfiber offers absorbency and the ability to degrease

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Item #: 11-33M

$9.60 - $17.10

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Pulex MicroTiger Sleeve

MicroTiger sleeve provides additional scrubbing power.

Presents two types of fibers plus a scrub tab on the end for difficult dirt.

All the benefits of Microfiber (white) plus abrasive strips (red); the perfect combination.

Very long longevity and high water retention.

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