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Pulex TechnoDuo Stainless Steel

Quick Overview

  • The MicroTiger washer and the Pulex squeegee save time and cuts your professional cleaning costs.
  • Easy to wash and wipe with just one tool. Makes your task simple.
  • The Technoduo has a MicroTiger Sleeve on one side and a stainless steel channel on the other.
  • Save time with this combination tool.
  • This comes in 3 different sizes - 10, 14 & 18 in

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The TechnoDuo is an Ergonomic Window Cleaning Product which features a MicroTiger sleeve and a stainless steel channel.

Save time with this combination tool from Pulex. 

The Technoduo has a MicroTiger Sleeve on one side and a stainless steel channel on the other. 

Wash and wipe with just one tool.

TechnoDuo is a practical, time-saving tool that cuts window cleaning costs and times.
It combines the cleaning force of the MicroTiger and stainless steel squeegee washer in one tool.

Ergonomic and non-slip handle in chemiton and Santoprene.

•30°/35° handle
•Pole block with screws and nuts
•Stainless steel AISI 430 channel.
•Pulex rubber Soft & Hard.
•Finely rounded corners

Microtiger sleeve:

Microtiger is IPC Pulex’s microfiber sleeve for cleaning windows, an addition to the range of superior quality professional cleaning tools. This top-performance microfiber fabric is designed to remove dirt easily using a tiny amount of detergent, or even none at all. This is because the microfibers are a hundred times finer than a human hair and can penetrate right into the microscopic cracks in an apparently flat, compact pane of glass, removing all dirt quickly and easily.

The main innovation is the composition of the yarn: the colored is the (soft) abrasive part and the white is the absorbent and degreasing part. This dual action is enhanced by a scrub pad on one side of the Microtiger to help removing hard, rough dirt.

The rubber of Pulex is the key:

The rubber blade is the main component of every squeegee since it is the element that comes into direct contact with glass and dirt. In the vast majority of squeegees available on the market the blade gets deformed when it comes into contact with dirt, which is abrasive, and is exposed to atmospheric agents or is subjected to friction on window frames and under the eaves. This is precisely why TQR (Total Quality Rubber) came about, which makes Pulex rubber the only one on the market used in a total quality squeegee. All our rubber blades guarantee a perfect combination of three requirements – the type and nature of the rubber, the quality of the mix and the cutting edge of the blade.

Our blades are made of genuine vulcanized natural rubber (NR), which is subjected to compression molding, item by item, and must have consistent and homogeneous chemical and organic features.

We process the raw material to obtain a mix with no impurities that guarantees the vital requisites of perfect molecular dispersion, cross linking, elasticity, snap, resilience, hardness, resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, coloring and surface smoothness.

This brings us to namely the perfection and linearity of the blade’s cleaning edge, which depends on the cut made by precision machines and scrupulous quality control.

Window Cleaners love Pulex Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Pulex Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.