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Pump 90psi 5.0gpm Chemical Demand RHG

Quick Overview

  • RO Boost and Chem-Wash Pumps
  • Boost the input water pressure for RO Production fed pole.
  • Demand pump @ 90psi
  • Thermally protected
  • Includes a heat sink (not shown in picture)

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Item #: 150-08571  UPC : 00669893018747  MPN : 55031HM1-M638RHG
Original Price: $280.80
 Available Late July
This is an obsolete Item

Chem-Wash Pumps 

Used to tank draw chemical mix and deliver to soft wash guns
• 1/2 in. slide ports
• Capable of running dry
• Demand pump @ 90psi
• 12v permanent magnet motor weather sealed pump
• Thermally protected


Flow    at 20psi   40psi   60psi   80psi  90psi 

GPM     4.5      3.8       3.2      2.5    2.0 gpm

1/2in Slide ports

Capable of Running Dry

Demand Style Pump @ 90psi
12v Permanent Magnet Motor Pump

Thermally Protected

DOES NOT INCLUDE HOSE FITTINGS: Please refer to "consider adding" column.