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Qleen Brushes for Rotating Brush System

Quick Overview

  • You will receive the rotating classic for thorough cleaning of solar surfaces, a Qleen electric rotating brush is suitable for Qleen systems.
  • The brush is easy to use thanks to the patented joint technology and the two high-performance motors in the brush head.
  • The continuous brush head is simply mounted on Qleen poles and can therefore be used from the floor up to a height of 20 meters for cleaning large facades.
  • Flow and return, radio control and an adjustable joint ensure easy handling.
  • The brushes are ideal for cleaning solar panels.

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Item #: 159-02M

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QLEEN Brushes
The rotating classic for thorough facade cleaning. The drive is powered by two high-performance motors in the brush head. Ideal for cleaning solar panels, large solar panels as well as photovoltaic systems.

The electrically operated special brush, which develops a lot of cleaning power thanks to rotation and its own weight. It is simply mounted to the QLEEN poles and can therefore be used (depending on the brush head purchased) from the floor up to a height of 20 metres for glass, façades or solar cleaning work. 

With two 12 volt motors in the brush head, it delivers significantly better cleaning results than standard brushes offered in the market.

Spacer discs.
Required connections
Cleaning of photovoltaic.

Item #:159-036
Regular Price: $89.95