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Rain Fresh Gallon

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RainFresh is a softwashing cover scent. Its the same scent thats in Green Wash. Packaged seperately if you like a little more rain fresh scent in y...

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Rain Fresh is a softwashing cover scent that can be used in two major ways.

One, as a cover scent added to your softwashing chemicals to mask the unpleasant odors that some chemicals have.

Two, as a topical treatment after your cleaning applied around heavy traffic areas with a pump up sprayer.

This is done to mask or hide the smell of dying algae that emits an odor while decomposing.

Rain Fresh is the same cover scent that we add to our Green Wash softwashing additive at our factory. We have now packaged it seperately for you to add more Rain Fresh to your mix or use on surfaces to mask other odors.