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Resin Refill (1 bag) for 20in Cartridge

Quick Overview

  • DI Resign Refill bag for most 20in refillable Cartridges
  • Pre-Measured DI-Resin Bag makes refilling a snap
  • open the Cartridge, Discard the old Resin and Refill from this bag

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Item #: 150-0591  UPC : 00669893017979  MPN : 150-0591



 Available Mid December
This is an obsolete Item

Resin Refill (1 bag) for 20in ProTool Cartridges

DI Cartridge Resin Refill Bag
Pre-measured DI Resin Bag makes re-filling a snap.

  • Open the bottom of the cartridge 
  • Discard the old Resin
  • Refill from the Bag
  • Replace the Cap on the Cartridge and reinstall in the housing 

1 Bags included

Provides: 1 Refill for the 20in Filter Cartridge