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RO Protect IPC Eagle

Quick Overview

  • Eliminates the risk of biological fouling in machines.
  • Store your machines the right way with IPC Eagle’s RO Protect™.
  • Packaged in single use portion packs.
  • 1 package of RO Protect™ mixed with one gallon of pure distilled water will protect your machines.
  • If you are planning on storing in cold climates where freeze protection is necessary, you can substitute the pure water with propylene glycol (RV antifreeze).

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Item #: 145-135  UPC : 00669893015883  MPN : RO Protect



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For RO Membrane Protection and Storage. RO Protect™ is the perfect storage solution for all of IPC Eagles Ultra Pure systems. RO Protect was designed to be added to RO membranes as a long-term storage solution.