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Rupture Disk 6500psi 250deg.

Quick Overview

  • rupture discs are pressure tight device designed to open by means of rupture at a pre-predetermined pressure value.
  • rupture discs are safety devices ith the function of stopping suddn variations in pressure from damaging an industrial plant
  • Max PSI: 6200 Max Temperature: 250 degrees F 1/2in MPT

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Item #: 74-7223  UPC : 669893941380  MPN : RD-6502



 Available to Special Order, Estimated: Mid February
This is an obsolete Item

Rupture/Burst Disk 6500psi 250deg.

Threaded: 1/2in. MPT

Relieves system pressure. Must be replace after being triggered. Protects expensive equipment.

Device releives pressure when systems reach 6200 PSI. 

The internal disc will rupture protecting the equipment in the system by relieving the excess pressure. 

Rupture discs are non-closing sacrificial parts, meaning the part needs replaced after being triggered.

Rupture discs are safety devices with the function of stopping sudden variations in pressure from damaging an industrial plant. They mainly consist of a thin membrane - which can be made of several different materials, depending on the exact situation – which is designed to break and open when the specific level of differential pressure rises above the resistance limit that the disc was originally calibrated for, so as to allow for the excess pressure to vent out safely.

Rupture discs are devices that perform the same basic function as safety valves. The main difference however being that they intervene as a result of the differential pressure to which they are subjected but then they cannot be re-closed (in fact, they must be replaced once opened).

Typically, bursting discs are devices composed of an assembly that also includes a special container called holder and, when necessary, other components such as: a vacuum or back pressure support, a reinforcement ring, a rupture indicator, etc.

Replaces part# Q02-0190-007

Replaces obsolete RD-6500 Rupture Disc.

Rated at 6,200 PSI and 250 Deg. F