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Silt Filter 12.5in x 4ft

Quick Overview

  • Dewaters without a container
  • Provides waste volume reduction
  • Assists in cleaning contaminants from water
  • Enables dewatering for hard to access areas

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Item #: 74-2727  UPC : 669893910591  MPN : SF



 Available Early June
This is an obsolete Item

Silt Filter 12.5in x 4ft

This silt filter is placed over a VacuBerm to reduce the mud and debris that would otherwise get to the VacuBerm and reduces its efficiency. 

This simple but effective pre-filter prevents sticks, leaves and other debris down to medium size sand from entering and clogging-up a VacuBerm, Puddle Sucker, or other water reclamation tool.


  • Oil-attractive fiber pad (12½" wide, 1" thick)
  • Easily cleanable