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Soft Wash Nozzle Tip

Quick Overview

  • Select the Tip your prefer for Mix and Rinse
  • Available in Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Use 4 position Holders to ease Changing
  • 1/4 inch male npt attachment

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Item #: 150-0M

$4.05 - $6.50

This is an obsolete Item

Tip Degree / Size / Material Selection

23 options available.

These tips fit into 1/4 in female npt tip holders.

Brass Tips are preferred for their even spray patterns

Stainless Steel Tips are long lasting but can spray heavy at the sides


Tips Assembled into a 4 position Holder

Ref: 74-5997 4 tip soft-wash

4 Position Tip Holder

Ref: 150-08031 4 tip nozzle holder (no-tips)

Single Tip Holder in Stainless Steel

Ref: 150-08057 plug stainless steel 1/4 female npt