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Softwash System Chem Storage Buffer Tank 50 gal

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50 Gallon Poly Translucent Tank, 30" wide x 15" deep x 24" tall. Includes SoftWash Systems exclusive Graduated Tank Strap Design 5051 aluminum mountin...

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Item #: 150-083  UPC : 00669893018624
This is an obsolete Item

Softwash Systems Chemical Storage Tank 50 gal

Includes all draw tubes and plumbing assembly

The water buffer tank allows for additional water storage and consumption. 

Typically, this is used to supply extra water storage for pure water or can be plumbed to a mounted pressure washer for additional supply. 

The buffer tank allows for continuous refilling process as the system draws down the water inside the tank. 

The buffer tank has an auto stop float valve shutting the water fill off when the tank becomes full.

Product Number: TA-Buffer50