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  • Sorbo Channel QuickSilver Black Mamba Cobra



Sorbo Channel QuickSilver Black Mamba Cobra

Quick Overview

  • Sorbo is the leader in wide body Channels
  • Quality Alumuinum Extrusion with exceptional design
  • Adjustable Rubber Slots offer versatility
  • Excellent for extension pole work and straight strokes
  • Quicksilver, Black Mamba, Cobra and Eliminator versions

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Item #: 02-4M

$8.80 - $146.45

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35 options available.
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Black Mamba

The Black Mamba 3X4 Adjustable wide-body Squeegee with 90 degree angle cut ends was the very first revolutionary wide-body squeegee.  The adjustment slots or settings in the Sörbo 3X4 Adjustable squeegee channel allow you to reposition the rubber/blade to the desired firmness. 


The Quicksilver offers 40 degree diagonally angled ends (and 90° ends on 10? and shorter sizes) which prevent the tip of the alloy from coming into contact with the frame surrounding the window. The Quicksilver cleans closer to the frame leaving less water and reaches into the corners. It is perfectly suited for the S-technique. 


The Cobra is the first , the lightest, and longest end plugged squeegee.

The Sörbo Cobra 3X4 is a wide-body squeegee with 40-degree safety end plugs and offers the highest degree of safety in a squeegee channel. 


The Eliminator squeegee channel is the big brother to the Cobra channel as it has has 40 degree safety end plugs and is the most efficient squeegee in the Sörbo product line. 

The original wide-body squeegee, but now in very lengths from 48in to 78in.  With the longest model, you can do the same amount of work as up to five window cleaners using 18in? squeegees. 

This is a money machine when cleaning large storefronts using vertical or horizontal strokes. 

**** Subject to Oversize Shipping Fees ****

Cobra Channel Details

Cobra Channel has End Plugs

End Plugs protect the frames from marring

Back of Cobra Channel

Quick Silver Channel Details

Quicksilver has No End Clip

End of Channel has a 40 degrees angled cut

Back of Quicksilver Channel

Window Cleaners love Sorbo Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Sorbo Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.

Item #:10-41M

$8.55 - $11.60

Item #:10-42M

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Item #:11-42M

$10.00 - $26.30