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SpeedClean Kit w/ handheld holder Unger

Quick Overview

  • Quick and easy cleaning of hard to reach areas.
  • No water spills or drips on window sills, frames, carpets and furniture.
  • Windows dry streak-free.
  • Handheld Pad holder with Velcro attaches to Microfiber cleaning pads and scrubber.
  • Two cleaning options- Short fiber pad for polishing, long fibers for heavier dirt and grime.

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Item #: 350-268  UPC : 761475653701  MPN : CK054



 Available Late May
This is an obsolete Item

Unger SpeedClean Window Kit

Drip-Free Indoor Window Cleaning for use with your standard extension poles to reach high interior windows. The Unger SpeedClean Kit gives you Drip-Free Window Cleaning.

Kit Includes:

(1) Sprayer on a Belt Qt
(1) 8" Aluminum Pad Holder
(3) 8" Microfiber Washing Pad
(3) 8" Microfiber Polishing Pad
(1) HiFlo Thread Adapter
(1) 6ft OptiLoc 3 Section Telescopic Pole