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Squeegee Off, Soap, Pint, (1), Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Ettore Squeegee Off Window Cleaning Soap
  • Make your windows shine using Squeegee Off soap and an Ettore Squeegee
  • Contains no solvents, ammonia or alkali
  • Biodegradable, Neutral PH

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Squeegee Off, Soap, Pint, (1), Ettore

Ettore Squeegee Off Liquid Cleaning Soap is a liquid concentrate that dissolves grease and makes your squeegee glide across glass.

Contains no solvents, ammonia or alkali. 

Neutral PH. Biodegradable. 

Dissolves grease and grime and works well on those hot days. Add 2 tablespoons per gallon of water.

1 Pint

Ettore 30116 Squeegee-Off Window Cleaning Soap

16 ounces

Squeegee-Off is the perfect solution to use with Ettore's window squeegees for better results compared to ammonia-based solutions or paper towels.

  • Versatile Performance
  • Designed for the specific needs of window cleaning, the cleaning soap effortlessly cuts through dirt, grease and grime.
  • No harmful chemicals are used that harm the environment, this soap is biodegradable and ammonia-free.
  • Squeegee-Off will provide excellent slip and delivers streak-free results.
Celebrating 80 years of Quality
  • 16-ounce concentrated Squeegee-Off Window Cleaning Soap
  • Ammonia-free and biodegradable

Specially Formulated

- Professional formula that easily dissolves tough grease, grime, and dirt.