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Stingray Deep Clean Pad Unger

Quick Overview

  • Triangle shape glass washing pad for perfect reach into corners
  • Elastic bands for secure fit and easy assembly
  • 13.0mm looped pile long microfibers for removing heavy dirt and grime for first time window cleaning with Stingray or periodic deep cleaning
  • Wash cycle: 300

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Item #: 350-271  UPC : 761475654548  MPN : SRPD2
Original Price: $24.45
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This is an obsolete Item

Stingray Deep Clean Pad Unger

This is the DEEP cleaning pad for the Stingray, with longer fibers for deeper scrubbing than the standard Stingray cleaning pad.It features a trigular shape, for perfect reach into corners, elastic bands for a secure fit and easily assembly, and superior cleaning and durability

Shown Abaove with th eother compnents of Unger's SticgRay system of Glass Cleaning (This item is the replacement pad only)