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T-bar and Golden Glove Sleeve 10in Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Golden Glove Sleeve is constructed from sturdy synthetic fabric.
  • Also includes double seams at each end to provide durability.
  • Sleeve provides impeccable water retention and scrubbing process.

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The T-bar with the 10-inch Golden Glove sleeve has impeccable scrubbing action.

Golden Glove Window Washer makes it simple and effective to remove dirt before squeegeeing.

The washer cover is constructed with a fine microfiber sleeve that is machine safe and washable.

Durable microfiber sleeve and taper-t bar is perfect combination of proven design and performance.

  • Golden Glove Window Washer allows for maximum scrubbing power
  • Microfiber sleeve is removable and machine washable for multiple use
  • High impact plastic handle with ergonomic handle for better grip
  • Fits all Ettore REA-CH extension poles (extension pole not included)

Window Cleaners love Ettore Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Ettore Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.

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