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  • TDS Handheld Meter TDS-2
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TDS Handheld Meter TDS-2

Quick Overview

  • Pen Style, Accurate, TDS Meter for Water Quality Testing
  • Digital processor for repeatable results. Easy to Read Screen.
  • Highly accurate, meter with a range of 0-999 ppm and a large, LCD screen.
  • Uses LR44 Battery (Qty 2) for easy replacement

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Item #: 150-0200  UPC : 00669893016378  MPN : TDS-2 Handheld



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TDS Handheld TDS Meter

The TDS Handheld TDS Meter is a pen-style instrument designed for accurate water quality testing. Featuring a digital processor, this meter ensures repeatable results with every use, providing confidence in its performance. The easy-to-read LCD screen enhances user experience, allowing for quick and effortless monitoring of TDS levels.

This highly accurate meter boasts a wide range of 0-999 ppm, enabling it to effectively measure total dissolved solids in various water sources. With its large LCD screen, users can easily view and interpret the results with clarity and precision.

Powered by two LR44 batteries, the TDS Handheld TDS Meter offers convenient battery replacement, ensuring uninterrupted operation whenever needed. Its pen-style design makes it compact and portable, ideal for on-the-go testing in diverse environments.

Whether you're testing the quality of drinking water, aquarium water, or hydroponic solutions, this handheld TDS meter provides reliable results to help you make informed decisions about water treatment and management.

Upgrade your water quality testing toolkit with the TDS Handheld TDS Meter and experience accurate, repeatable results in a convenient and user-friendly package.

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