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  • Teufelberger Rope Platinum 7/16in



Teufelberger Rope Platinum 7/16in

Quick Overview

  • New, innovative braiding technology
  • Permanent, woven connection between cover and core
  • Polyamide core and cover
  • Tensile Strength: 7400 lbs

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Item #: 90-1FM

$423.65 - $740.35

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Platinum® stands for an entirely new breed of patent pending rope safety ropes made with cutting edge technology. It is characterized by the permanent mechanical interconnection between the rope’s core and it’s cover. Core and cover yarns are interlaced with one another at regular intervals, which keeps any core/cover displacement from happening. These interconnection sites effectively stop any bunching of the cover and core. Thus, the PLATINUM® rope enables excellent transmission of forces from the cover to the core region and, in this way, prevents any overloading of the cover. 

Tensile Strength: 7400 lbs 

Used for Descenders and rope grabs.

Formally known as New England Ropes

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