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  • The Gutter Hawg
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The Gutter Hawg

Quick Overview

  • Easily removes gutters of debris using an ergonomically friendly hook
  • Can be used to clean behind skylights and other structures on your roof
  • Can clean up to 20 ft of gutters without repositioning
  • Hangs on your ladder for easier maneuverability
  • The Gutter Hawg is engineered, designed and manufactured in the USA

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This is an obsolete Item

Gutter Hawg Gutter Cleaning Tool 

A Contractor Quality Cleaning Attachment to Be Used to clear gutters from a ladder

Gets debris past those pesky gutter hangars more efficiently using an ergonomically designed hook! 

You can also use it to remove debris behind most skylights and other structures on your roof

Allows for less re-positioning and climbing up and down a ladder. You can safely clean up to 20 feet of gutters at a time without moving your ladder.

Hang the tool on the rungs when going up or down the ladder. Keep your hands free for safety.

  • The Gutter Hawg cleaning attachment cleans gutters faster and safer 
  • Easy to use you can gently pull all debris toward you for easy gutter cleaning.
  • Clean up to 20 feet of gutter without moving your ladder. 
  • Fits nearly all threaded extension poles attach by twisting on to the threaded end of extension pole. 
  • The Gutter Hawg will easily get at the gutter debris under the hangars and other difficult, awkward cleaning situations. 
  • This attachment will save you time by reducing the number of times you neeed to move the ladder. Move your ladder 15 to 20feet instead of every few feet. You can also use it to clean behind structures on the roof such as skylights.
  • The Gutter Hawg, is a quality, contractor grade tool designed for use all day, every day.
  • Hang the tool on your ladder while ascending and descending, and climb safely with both hands.
  • Pole not included