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  • Titan Labs Glass Gleam 4  Window Cleaning Soap


Titan Labs

Titan Labs Glass Gleam 4 Window Cleaning Soap

Quick Overview

  • Titan Glass Gleam 4 works great with hard water and stays wet longer on hot days
  • Superb wetting and rinsing for Water Fed poles
  • No dangerous chemicals, and leaves no haze
  • Highly concentrated formula: 1/4 oz per gallon of water

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Titan Glass Gleam 4 aka GG4 is designed to work well with hard water.

Glass Gleam-4™ Window Cleaning Concentrate is ideal for cleaning windows with a squeegee. Glass Gleam-4™ contains polymeric water softeners for hard water areas.

GG4 offers Improved degreasers and detergents provide window cleaning power you’ve never seen before. 

Shows a light blue color when diluted and is ideal for use in a bucket or for sprayers and bottle dispensers. Excellent for automotive use in the windshield washer tank. Designed specifically for cleaning glass and window films using a squeegee. 

Glass Gleam-4™ is super-concentrated, you don’t pay for shipping the water you can add on the job. This saves shipping cost, storage cost, packaging cost and greatly reduces crew re-stocking time. One gallon of GG-4 concentrate makes 512 gallons of window cleaning solution.

  • Use just 1/4 fl. Oz. per gallon of water.
  • Stays wet longer on hot or windy days.
  • Does not foam up.
  • Superb wetting and rinsing for Water Fed poles.
  • Biodegradable, USDA approved
  • Earth Friendly Technology approved as a Green product
  • No phosphates, ammonia, or hazardous chemicals.
  • Leaves no haze, even on polymer treated surfaces.
  • Blue color indicator when diluted.

Glass Gleam-4™ Recommendation to Titan Labs

I have been using Glass Gleam-4™ for two years now and I get calls quite often from my customers telling me that their child or pet had walked into the patio door because it was so clean they couldn’t see it was there. No other product could make the glass that clear.  I highly recommend it for everyone.

Pat R.Revier Window Cleaning, Fargo, ND

Glass Gleam-4™.