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Tucker 4060 RO/DI Cart

Quick Overview

  • The Tucker 4060 offers superior water purification performance is a compact format.
  • Enjoy the water flow of a much large system from the 4060
  • This improved system design includes Tucker proprietary RO Membranes along with long lasting 30in Filter Inserts
  • A commercial quality systen for water purification from RO Membranes and DI Resin Filters, cleans Windows, Autos, Trucks, Planes and more with the power pf pure water

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Item #: 67-5195  UPC : 00669893038134  MPN : T-4060
This is an obsolete Item

Tucker 4060 RODI Water Purification System 

Tucker's commercial work horse is a system that will produce more water than most others making your cleaning time faster!

Many of the systems available on the market use a single 40" RO Membrane that can supply 1 pole on tap water pressure.

This filtration system offers two 30" RO Membranes that produce nearly the same water as many standard 40" RO Membranes on the market. By combining two 30inch membrane this results in the performance of typical 80" RO Membrane system, but in a much more compact design.

This RO Membrane technology is available in the TuckerĀ® branded systems and other systems simply can't compare.

@60 PSI this unit produces 1.5 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp

@80 PSI this unit produces 1.91 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp

w/ the RHG 110v booster pump this unit produces 2.3 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp

Weighs approximately 95 pounds


 * Tucker 4" x 30" carbon media filter with an 80,000 gallon capacity. 

* High Production Dual 4" x30" RO membranes up to 1-1/8" gallon/min unboosted flow 

* 4" x 30" DI Resin Changes 

* 42" Overall cart height 

* +1500% longer life for fewer filter changes 

* +50% higher flow for faster cleaning 

* +75% more resin for lower costs per gallon 

* +18% more compact for easy transport