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Turbo Nozzle Pressure Washer Tip

Quick Overview

  • Turbo Nozzle for Agressive cleaning with a rotating Zero Stream
  • Brass core and Ceramic Internals with a black rubber cover
  • Use to pressure wash the toughest jobs, carefull as this can harm wood,natural stone and other softer surfaces

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Item #: 74-57M

$29.50 - $96.80

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This is an obsolete Item

Turbo Nozzle 

0° Impact, 25° pattern


Constructed from high-quality materials, offering long service life, does not rust and and not prone to corrosion.

Used for different industrial and commecial cleaning 

High strength forged brass. 

Durable rubber/plastic cover. 

Precision orifice and matching race.

1/4" FNPT

Item #:74-57017
Regular Price: $110.95
Item #:74-5702
Regular Price: $34.35
Item #:74-5704
Regular Price: $109.55
Item #:74-5700
Regular Price: $60.05