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Unger Channel Ninja Aluminum

Quick Overview

  • Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Features laser-etched star markings to make finding the center position easy when attaching to handle
  • Flexible rubber positioning supports user preference
  • SmartClip end clips offer durability and eliminate brass or plastic clips
  • Plastic end clips protect the window frame and make rubber changes easy

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Item #: 02-21M

$12.75 - $35.54

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Ninja Channel 

Aluminum extrusion channel with industry leading technology and features. The channels available in lengths between 8 inches and 36 inches. Longer channels dramatically reduce the time required for cleaning large glass panels.

T6-Aluminium extrusion provides a Lightweight and Durable channel that resists bending ensuring perfect pressure distribution for streak free cleaning. 

NINjA Star ... A pair of marks indicate the center of the channel making it easy to find the center position of the channel for the handle.

SmartClips  offer Flexible Rubber positioning, two rubber bulb grooves in the channel allow for different positioning of the rubber achieve optimal pressure and contact with glass. 

 SmartClips  offer superior frame protection as the clip protects the window frames from scratching.

SmartClip: End clip mechanism

Offers a Click in Place feature with a signal colored area indicating when the clip is open.

Closed: Secure hold of rubber during work. Simply pull the rubber to adjust the tension. 

Open: Change the rubber. 

One-hand-operation: Easy to operate even with gloves.

Ninja Squeegee Complete

The Ninja Handle and Channel are designed to complement and enhances their respective features .

Ninja Stars indicate the center of the channel

Ninja Handle and Channel together

Item #:03-2M

$24.96 - $1,211.04

Item #:60-21M

$55.60 - $148.34

Item #:10-21M

$12.59 - $13.66

Item #:11-21M

$18.79 - $29.15

Item #:02-2M

$7.38 - $18.46