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Unger T-Bar Swivel Strip

Quick Overview

  • Lightweight aluminum bar
  • Adjustable head
  • Swivels and locks in 7 different positions
  • Available in two sizes
  • Great Choice for use with an extension pole

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Item #: 10-25M

$20.82 - $29.92

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This is an obsolete Item

Unger Swivel Strip T-Bar

he Swivel or Pivot function allows you to easily clean from every angle. The the Unger SwivelStrip T-Bar window washer is an essential part of any Unger window washing tool kit.

This T-Bar adjusts and locks in  seven different positions allowing you to clean even the most hard-to-reach corners. 

The Swivel Strip T-Bar is made of lightweight aluminum so that it is easy to lift and maneuver.

This T-bar window washer  is handy since it may be used with any style of Unger's window washer sleeves (sold separately). 

All Unger T-Bars will attach and lock on any Unger telescopic pole so that your cleaning crew can reach even the highest windows.

Swivels and locks in 7 different positions.

Available in 14 and 18 inch.

Item #:01-22M

$18.90 - $20.85

Item #:10-21M

$12.59 - $13.66

Item #:10-26M

$17.39 - $24.46

Item #:60-21M

$55.60 - $148.34