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Vacuum 100cfm 110v kit w/frame,hose,more

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Sirocco PEV1 System 100cfm vacuum requires 13.5 amps 110v...

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Item #: 74-2115  MPN : PEV1s


This is an obsolete Item
The Sirocco™ PEV series vacuums are the most affordable,
effective, multi-function vacuum systems on the market.

Whether you’re vacuuming a warehouse floor, or reclaiming water
on a parking lot, the Sirocco™ PEV 3-stage vacuums will perform
the job quickly and efficiently.

It’s all about WorkSpeed !
200cfm vacuum is capable of running a 21" Vacuuming
Surface Cleaner up to 100 ft. using5gpm and 4000psi of water
Waste Recovery Tanks are D.O.T. approved,
and super durable, triple-step powder-coated
rugged and rust resistant

With the convenience of the Auto Pump-Out feature,
you’ll not have to stop working to dump your waste tank
Pumps out up to 15 gpm, all while the vacuum is running,

High capacity Slide-In Filter stops sand and larger debris,
while trapping any floating oil !
Vacuum, 30g tank, Pumpout Cart Frame
50ft Vacuum Hose
Puddle Sucker
Sand Snake 4ft
Silt Filter

Dimensions of cart frame
L x W x H..
PEV120 x 18 x 50in
Weight 165lbs